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Hotel Dolomiti

  • Summer
  • Excursions in the Fassa Valley
  • Nordic Walking
  • Mountain Bike and Cycling

The mountain is the ideal gym for the mind and the body!

The activities which can be practised in Moena and in the Fassa Valley are multiple and cater to every need: from relaxing walks along a torrent, to more demanding excursions, to the thrill of rock climbing.

For the more adventurous, rafting along the River Avisio will be an unforgettable experience, like that of engaging in one of the many ‘adventure trails’ of the valley.

Bike enthusiasts can try out different itineraries to discover the most picturesque glimpses of the Dolomites. A visit to the natural parks, ethnic museums and outings at dawn to become acquainted with the wild fauna of our woods, complete the range of activities on offer.

All the activities are planned with expert guides and escorts who will give you an all-round experience of the Dolomites.

The excursions, the perfume of the woods, the knowledge of history and nature of the Dolomites!

With our guides and escorts you will enter the world of the Dolomites almost unnoticed and be introduced to all its natural and historical aspects.

Excursions along scenic trails to reveal the botanical, faunal and historical aspects of the Dolomites are planned. 

Expert hunters will help you to discover the magnificent world of the local wild fauna and to experience the emotion of the mountain at dawn.

Our mountains were also the place of bloody and brutal battles during the Great War and the signs are still there, perfectly preserved so they can serve as a warning to future generations.

You will be accompanied along the symbolic places of this tragedy  -CostabellaCima BoccheForte DossaccioColbricòn and many other commemoration sites – and you will visit the trenches in which men of different formations had to endure extreme trials. 

Harmony between Body and Mind

Expert instructors will make you take part in this new sporting discipline which fully trains and tones the body.  

Bicycle passion!

Our escorts will take you pedalling on balsamic forest roads, wild tracks and you will make thrilling nose-dives, discovering different views at every corner. 


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